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Here you can find all the accurate information on the process of working with WhyEva solution. Please, check the Frequently Asked Questions before sending your message to Support.

WhyEva supports all types of teams and businesses – from tiny to scaled-up. Right now we are mainly working with this cases:

  • blurry vision
  • strategy problems
  • engagement
  • retrospective
  • values and goals
  • productivity

Depending on your team demands, we can suggest you to build your personal plan based on the amount of people and topics you have. Create a new WE Account on my.whyeva.com and start working with our system by adding your employees and going through your first surveys with Free Tarif.

Each tariff has a different type of payment: per person monthly or per month annually.

Depending on the amount of people connected to the WE System, tariff suggested automatically: if your team members number does not exceed 30 people – you might want to choose Base. Teams bigger than that are welcome to use Pro tarif.

Example: Adam has a great idea with his 3 friends to create an agile startup, but they don't know how to use retrospective. Adam finds WhyEva and uses Free Plan for one retrospective a month. Things are going great and now they have more people in the team: now it's 15 people, and a lot of them are new. Adam wants to know if they understand the strategy and values. He upgrades to Base Plan by adding more people to the system. Years pass and now Adam has a big company with a lot of employees, he needs new tools – like structure trees and wants to create different surveys for different departments. He upgrades to Pro Plan and uses WhyEva like a pro!

To know more about the unique features provided by certain tariffs go to Pricing Page. You can always add or change billing information in your decision maker account.

We are glad you have asked. WhyEva can operate for much more that 100 people, but as we want to keep our system open and available for everyone at a reasonable cost, we create special conditions for partners. If you want to become our Partner, you can write to us and we will be happy to help you with your personal plan: info@whyeva.com

As we are focused on accessibility of our solution to the employees everywhere, that's why we created our mobile app. It allows any employee to gain a voice in the company, even if this employee can't contact the HR-manager or decision maker in the company directly: no personal computer, camera, microphone, ability to use software.

Also, as the millennials, who have their phones as a part of their daily work life, we find it easier to implement Eva with mobile software. But if you want to use desktop and web versions, we have you covered as well, feel free to use them: app.whyeva.com

Contact us if your team is a perfect match for us and we can make you our pilot users. You can see contact details, our social media or even request an email from us down below. If you are interested in cooperative growth, we are open. Recommend us to your colleagues and other teams that seek for WhyEva. And, of course we are happy if you support our Eva in social media – attention is important.

Do you have more questions?

If you didn’t find your question in FaQ or Manual dont hesitate to write us a message and we will be back with reply in 1 work day or less. Thank you for your patience.

WhyEva Manual

Implementation Process | How to use WE?

Are you a tiny project? Just started and want to establish running the tasks and communicating alongside? Usually teams skip retrospectives at the end of the month and this can bring to the same problems reappearing and tearing you apart. Try a smart retrospective with Eva.

Are you a startup? A flexible high-tech team with a lot of tools to project, but not enough tools to match the reality and values? We can work. Whether you have or have no HR Analytic in your team, it's still important to engage allies and humanize work for your own good. Companies with higher engagement are more profitable.

Are you a small business? More traditional team that wants to be united in strategy and humanize their work processes? We can also help. Collect the feedback and ideas from your team, find weak and strong points without expensive consultants. Eva will create all the questions for you. Listening to the people on the front line is always the best solution.

Are you an established company? You might have scaled-up, and this brought you to the board of directors, difficult one-sided decisions and lost connections with your core team? Any problem you have, don't let your vision go blurry - your team is your anchor. And we will simply help them tell you things without 5 hours in Zoom.

Oh, are you an enterprise? Then it might mean that the chain of information providers might be a long line. Do you want to know about the systematic problem as soon as it appears on the employee-level and not three months later? Reestablish your connection with people, built on trust and technologies.

Or are you all at once? That's great, let's get to know each other!

If you are the founder, manager or any decision-maker in your business, you will be the first user of the system that will initiate the process of WhyEva implementation.

Decision maker is the first user of the system. He has access to all system's settings, can connect and disconnect employees, and can manage billing info. Although decision makers can't change users' passwords and cannot access users' personal data, their responses and activity, this role allows access to Company Reports.

Decision makers must use web-platform to connect to WhyEva: https://my.whyeva.com/

On the following page you can:

  • Log in to the system
  • Sign up to the system
  • Reset forgotten password

If registering for the first time, use the Sign Up option. Personal data can be changed later when setting up the system. During registration the interface language can be selected, you can change it afterwards in the Settings. For now English and French are available for users. You need to enter your name, email and create a password. You will receive an email to confirm your registration. After confirming your email, you can Log in to WhyEva.

The decision maker WE Account allows you to:

  • Add Employees to the system to access mobile app and answer surveys
  • Create company structures and groups
  • Manage the billing and applicable tariffs
  • Add and change profile information for the company
  • Access Company Reports and Data
  • Initiate the beginning of Smart Surveys

Follow the tutorial in the Account to find out more about the functioning of the System.

If you are an employee, manager or basically any part of the team, you can gain access to WhyEva mobile app. Eva is a chatbot that is created to help you share what matters with decision makers in your team or company. We all hold something back for different reasons. Eva creates a safe and anonymous space for you to share your ideas and difficulties, as well as she forms unique surveys for you, based on your answers and background.

We collect your data in order for our system to operate, but we do not provide personal details to anyone.

After you receive an invitation to join the WE System, you have a few steps to make before enjoying the experience with Eva.

  • First, download the app from Google Play or AppStore (store link)
  • Then Log in with the information from the invitation email. You can change it later in Settings as well as create a new password. You can also find Reset the password option in case you forgot your password
  • Follow the pop-up tutorial in the app for more information about the system
  • Don't forget to fill in the information about yourself to personalize the experience

Your employee WE Account allows you to use our mobile app, answer surveys, go through activities inside the app and collect useful rewards. You can also access the Personal Reports to see the information you have provided. In case you want to delete an account, you can do so in the Settings.

WhyEva works with cloud data on different levels. That allows us to create a background of survey answers for a company, employee or even for a case problem, for example, the home-office and distant work related issues.

All this information is used to exercise and program our chatbot Eva to ask right questions without the help of a specialist. Standard survey study is usually three months old. This time period is specified for any type of company to implement changes and try again.

First of all, to initiate the survey, the decision maker interacts with the system by adding employees to the team. As these employees join the system via invitations, they answer questions of the surveys with Eva chatbot in a mobile app. For now it is available for text input, but we are working on voice messaging with Eva.

Employees get questions and answer them sequentially in a chat form. As soon as new questions are formed users will get notifications. While interacting with the app, employees will experience engagement techniques, such as rewards, stickers, articles, and gamification. We care about life-work balance, so the notifications will not be sent during non-work time.

Collecting the answers, at the end we provide Company Report and Personal Reports for users. These reports show numerical and empirical data, advice on how to work with this information and useful instructions on the cases.

WhyEva provides Company Reports for decision makers and Personal Reports for employees at the end of each survey. These reports show numerical and empirical data, advice on how to work with this information and useful instructions on the particular cases.

To download finished reports, users should visit Reports Page, not depending on the platform.

  • Employees are able to request Personal Reports, including their own data and personal recommendations. Employees can not access other personal Reports.
  • Decision makers are provided with Company Reports, showing anonymized and pre-calculated data on the company results of surveys. All the quotes will be represented anonymously. No personal information on employees is available for decision-makers.

In case decision makers need it, they might request Consultation on the results of the Report with our business-consultants, providing them useful details on their case.

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