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Make finding solutions easier in your team with our mobile app. Eva chatbot collects answers and sends questions to the employees. Just one app and two weeks for standart report.

Company data cloud helps create your custom AI-solution

More than 15 years of consulting expertise in WE

Anonimised and secure

Our pricing plan


€ 0

5 members max team

one best survey monthly

one retrospective monthly

NO custom team AI

NO report sharing

NO schedule tool

NO structure tool


€ 4,99

per member

30 members max team

smart surveys

retrospective surveys

custom team AI

5 report shares monthly

WE schedule tool

monthly payment


€ 299

per month

100 members max team

unlimited smart surveys

unlimited retrospective

custom company AI

unlimited report shares

WE structure and schedule tools

billed annually



€ 199

per team

30 members max team

unlimited smart surveys

unlimited retrospective

incubator statistics

WE INC dashboard tool

24/7 support

billed half year

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Yauheni Plisko

Sales and Market

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