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WhyEva — smart survey chatbot for optimizing team communication

How is everything, really?

WhyEva is a tool for high-tech teams.
To get relevant information – problems and ideas.
To find out opinions or validate the next step.
To get everyone on one page.


Blurry vision

When desicion-makers want to ask people who work on the front line about the next step and evaluate desisions


Too flexible

When strategy changes quickly but it is important to stay a united team and be clear about details of change


Past in future

When some things never change, but they are discussed over and over – to finally make this step

WE Solution


Automatically formed questions according to what matters: customised to the employee, build on your answers.

WE Solution

Clear data

Easy to understand report system, showing numbers, quotes, main areas to improve. No consultant.

WE Solution

Safe space

Usefull information without conflicts, personal invasion and uncomfortable talks with HR. Welcome, millenials.

And even more...

Go through our quiz and get your personal plan

Let’s chat about it with Eva

No matter how small or big your team is, Eva helps figure out important data without any trouble on the way.

Implement WE system with these steps

Download WhyEva mobile app from AppStore

Answer Eva’s questions for decision makers

Add your team with custom link in a chat

Start a new survey for your team and get report

We create WhyEva for you

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Founder and CEO


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Sales and Market

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